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I am mainly a self-taught artist & dabble in photography. Inspired by other fantasy artists, fantasy films, everyday life & death! The main subjects in my artwork are beautiful women, the spirit realm to the whimsically strange. My work is best described as atmospheric, dark, eerie & emotional. Some of my work has been published in books, book covers & licensed by companies.

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Past Clients

Art Contributor 

EWTN TV Channel - The Holy Rosary Mother Angelica & The Nuns DVD.  



Book cover design

"Halloween Love Spells" by Christy Leigh Stewart



Book cover design:

"Freeing The Heart" by Gerri Stone.

(A tribute to Michael Jackson)



Art Contributor

Play "N" Trade

California, USA.


Art Contributor

"Harvests of New Millennium." Volume 1. 2008 by Cyber.net



Art Contributor

"Harvests of New Millennium." Volume 2. 2009 by Cyber.net


Q & A


Q. What art inspires you?

A. https://www.pinterest.ie/msmariamurphy/maria-murphy-art/art-that-inspires-me/ 

Q. Tell me something about your lifestyle?

A. I am a vegan. Like cycling. 

Q. What are your Interests?

A. Art, photography, sewing, history, USA, 

Q. What are you passionate about besides art?

A. Inspiring people to go vegan to end animal cruelty for good. 


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