Digital Art


Photo-manipulation Meaning: Photo-manipulation is images that are altered with the use of computer software. At the moment I use PaintShop, ProX2 & Pro Ultimate 2019. I use my own stock images, free & purchased stock images from photographers whom I have a commercial agreement with. This type of art usually takes a couple of nights to complete. Starting off, I usually have a theme in mind & then I browse the internet for hours in search of the right model with a particular pose I have in mind. I also search for the background & objects I think will work with my composition. Then the real fun begins with hours of copying & pasting, cutting, blending, painting, layering, texturing & adding special effects etc. My themes are mainly dark, that deal with emotions of fear and despair, caused by a dramatic experience that affected the characters life in the painting. Each artwork tells the story of healing and hope. "What do you see?". "Hope is the basic belief that good things will happen. Hope creates possibilities. Hope instils in us a sense of expectation and anticipation that what we want can come true." by Jim Taylor PhD.