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Latest Art Update - 15/March/20

New artwork in progress! 

Working on acrylics,  oils & pencil at the moment! 🤪

I might do another digital artwork in the meantime!

I will be back soon!

Maria x


Updated 2019-2020 MICHAEL JACKSON #MJInnocent

Ever since Dan Reed, James Safechuck & Wade Robinson did that awful documentary based on fiction, not actual facts, my art is on a pause for a while because all my free time is focused on supporting #MJInnocent on social media. Documentary meaning ..consisting, presenting facts objectively without editorializing or inserting fictional matter, as in a book or film. Nothing Dan Reed produced in that film was based on facts!!!!! Our mission #MJFam & Co. is for mainstream Media (TV) to let the public know this so-called documentary was based on lies.

A website I  recommend ...

The Michael Jackson Innocent Project

MJ Innocent

"The Truth Runs Marathons". Go Fund Me Page by Taj Jackson.

My Facebook has updates about Michael.

The Daily Michael